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DROM 10 minutes for 10 days PLUS download your own Journey Journal

Reducing stress, anxiety and overwhelm should be our number one priority.  It's time to take control of your health and well-being and you can do it here, right now.  Just 10 minutes a day - FROM YOUR DESK!

No equipment needed, sit or stand, move a little or a lot, anyone can do this.  

With DRŌM’s unique combination of energizing and calm, incorporating even our shortest sessions into your day is a guaranteed boost for the body and the mind.

Not only will you feel more energized, focused, creative and engaged, you will begin to notice how it affects all other areas of your life as well!  

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There are endless benefits to DRŌM

At the end of these sessions, participants feel refreshed, unburdened from stress, and present in the moment.


Get your mind and body ready by connecting with your breath and warming up your muscles.


Let’s have fun! Start drumming and working that body and brain with rhythms and movement.


Slow it down and meditate to beats designed to relax the body and the mind and be in the present moment.

What people are saying

It is fun, inclusive, non-judgmental, and non-competitive.

We might be moving a little or lots but it doesn’t even feel like exercise! There is no wrong way to participate and anyone, regardless of age or ability, can do DRŌM.

"Okay wow! I just joined over 150 of our GWA Conference attendees for a power-packed DRŌM session and it was AWESOME!
Val warmed us up with some (much needed) stretching then had us dancing and drumming away the stress of the morning. Who knew you could have so much fun with two wooden spoons and a chair?"


"I woke up one day very emotional and in a funk.  I did DRŌM at noon and it totally changed my mood.  I felt energized and in a much better mindset.  It turned my day into a positive one!"


"This was my first DRŌM experience and really had no idea what to expect. The session was engaging, therapeutic and fun! Val had me banging my spoons, moving my body and shouting into an empty house, which was exactly what I needed. Her message is authentic and her enthusiasm is contagious. So grateful for the experience."


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See DROM in Action!

As part of the DRŌM Practice, participants are led through calming, synchronized drumming routines, designed to relax the mind, and find a sense of focus and clarity. 

Your 10-Day Journey will be done seated or standing, at your desk or comfortable spot, no equipment needed.  Try it now and feel the benefits!

Try it at home!

Meet Val, the Instructor

Val is the CEO and Founder of Val Shah Corp., an organization designed to energize, motivate, and inspire people through fun, easy and adaptable movement and mindfulness experiences. As a result of Val’s belief that anything is possible and her desire to help people live their best lives, she created a practice called DRŌM™ – drumming combined with meditation (the “OM”).

Val specializes in helping people relieve stress, have fun and foster personal growth through movement and mindfulness experiences. From Corporate Events, Speaking Engagements and customized Workshops, Val brings her passion, purpose and positivity to magically get you out of your head and into the moment, increase your motivation and bring a smile to your face!

Let's have fun!

At DRŌM, we know from our own experiences that it is the small gifts you give yourself each day that make all the difference creating the life you want.

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